Sunday, 5 May 2013

V.C Jones Fish and Chips, Whitstable


There are some places that we go to routinely and no matter how bad the weather, or how bad we’re feeling on the day, they somehow make everything ok. Sadly, it’s normally only after we move away from an area that we realise how badly we miss them. If ever I move away from Whitstable I will remember V.C Jones and my fish and chips on the beach.
V.C Jones is my local ‘chippy’ and I’m eternally grateful to it for feeding me throughout the year. There’s a take away counter serving traditional cod and chips, scampi, mushy peas, pies, with all the soft drinks and sauces like mayo and ketchup that we love.  There’s also a restaurant at the back for when it’s cold. And if you order a cup of tea they ask if you want your tea in a mug, just like you probably do.
The only problem with V.C . Jones is its popularity. When the sun is out there’s a queue stretching down the length of Harbour Street, past several shops, as sunburnt tourists wait patiently for their fish and chips to take to the beach, open or wrapped. It’s delicious, perfectly flavoured, seaside ‘crispy on the outside – soft and fresh on the inside’ chips.

Everyone has their favourite fish, they’ve got cod, roe, plaice, haddock and skate at V.C Jones. You chose. But if you are not sure how to enjoy it, here’s a tip – smother it in salt and vinegar and whatever sauce you like. Wrap the fish up to keep it warm. Turn right out of V.C Jones and walk on down a few meters until you get to Red Lion Lane. Turn right into it and carry on past the Pearson’s Arms to the beach. There’s a bench and some wooden tables on the beach were you can sit down and enjoy your fish. Squirt mayo all over the paper to dip your chips in. And don’t use too many napkins, lick your fingers. If it’s a good day with a breeze there is bound to be a sail boat race on the estuary.

V.C Jones is a family run restaurant which has been trading since 1962 and features in many of the older black and white photos of Whitstable. The staff are always friendly and despite the long queues, the service is great. Its situated in Harbour Street.
Below are some pictures of my friends and I enjoying ourselves at V.C Jones and some other pictures of this lovely town.

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