Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Forge




A corrugated shack propped against the seawall, the oysters sheltered by a makeshift awning, scruffy chalk board menus and a scattering of local ales, books on the history of the oyster, salt 'n vinegar and the odd tabasco.

Add some lazy deckchairs scattered across the shingle, and bar stools on the promenade with the seawall as a makeshift table, starlings and gulls swooping in for a catch of leftovers. Trays of oysters out in full view.

For under £10 you can enjoy a half lobster and chips. A good lobster too - fresh and unpretentious served up in the same way as the cod and chips, in a fold up disposable box.  There's scampi, bacon rolls, mini bottles of wine and Whitstable ales.

I lie back on the deckchairs, hands wrapped round a steaming coffee and watch the candyfloss world of seaside pass me by; sailboats and ice-cream vans, squawking gulls and kids with ruddy windswept faces.
Just walk along the promenade and you can't miss it,  its just next to the Sailing Club. You won't be disappointed. You'll probably think you've stumbled on a hidden treasure and promise to tell all your friends about it.  Your experience of the Forge is, however, weather dependant. Best not daydream too long - the clouds roll on in and when the skies open, there's nowhere to hide.

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  1. Takes me back to our day out there, I fell in love with the place.